The food and beverage facilities of a mountain resort were in dire need of renovation, having not been updated since the 1980s. Over a three-year period, our team helped renovate two floors in the Gold Coast facility, focusing on transforming “The Arc” by revolutionizing traffic flow in the cafeteria.

Previously, customers had displayed “herd” behavior, queuing in lines and constricting movement. To address this, we widened the entryway and dispersed the service stations to allow unrestricted access and more room for everyone. We also added strategically placed elements such as colorful “Grab & Go” impulse buy stations to loosen the flow of traffic.

Custom tray rails with cutout metal patterns complement matching menu boards at the two bars, which boast salvaged wood and polished concrete countertops. Graphics play a major role in the design, with historic Olympic images displayed in custom light fixtures and giant translucent window murals creating a spacious “forest view.”

Overall, the renovation of the Gold Coast facility helped bring this mountain resort into the modern age, offering a more inviting and efficient space for guests.