The new Four Points Lodge at Steamboat was part of an innovative concept: a small on-mountain lodge with a tiny servery that can handle the traffic of a much larger facility due to its efficient design and operation.

Our team worked closely with the client to create an inviting and contemporary space that runs like a well-tuned machine. Steamboat’s food and beverage team developed a menu with an upscale twist, featuring fresh, organic ingredients and a “marketplace feel.” Quality was a top priority at every turn.

To enhance the decor, we included a series of major features such as impressive six-foot chandeliers that pay homage to the grand national park lodges and an array of wall sconces, bar lights, and specialty lighting. One of the standout elements was our 24-foot-long concrete bar top, featuring a graphic of embedded metal detailing the history of Steamboat’s iconic cowboy hat.

The result exceeded all expectations, and the Four Points Lodge quickly became a local must-see. Despite its small size, the lodge can handle the traffic of a much larger facility thanks to its efficient design and operation, coupled with a welcoming and contemporary atmosphere.