The Ram has long been a beloved landmark venue in Sun Valley, America’s original ski resort. Built in 1937, it has maintained a near-perfect balance of fine dining and unpretentious rustic warmth over the years. However, as time passed, the space needed a serious refresh.

Our team faced the challenge of updating The Ram while respecting its 80+ year history and preserving its unique spirit. We knew we couldn’t just arbitrarily change it – we had to make it feel new again without forgetting its past.

To do this, we paid close attention to The Ram’s defining qualities and carefully preserved everything that could be kept, including the antler chandeliers, rustic booths, and collection of authentic Swiss cowbells. Anything that needed to be enhanced or replaced was inspired in design by The Ram’s original style. We made the display kitchen a central feature, adding an impressive copper hood, and transformed the once-constricted entry vestibule into clear, open access.

We were thrilled to hear that many guests didn’t even realize the booths had been replaced – they just suddenly found them strangely more comfortable. Our subtle updates to The Ram have brought this much-loved space into a more modern era while honoring its rich history and unique spirit.